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Default Re: Infighting/bodypunching tips

Originally Posted by Lartize View Post
and that is why I watch the eyes. I would know that you aren't prioritizing the head when I see you look low. I would have a really good idea of where you are throwing.

I am a bit more counter-punching orientated though, so maybe that has something to do with it.
You need to stop looking at he eyes once you start fighting good boxers. Most guys know that the other fighter is looking at the chest, but STILL throw eye feints as a habit. I do it all the time even though the other guy isn't even looking at my eyes. And looking at the eyes won't help you against someone who goes body-head/head-body consistently.

Also, if you look at the chest consistently and the other guy is trying to read your eyes, it's impossible to tell whether you're targeting the body or head.
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