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Default THE *new* top 10 P4P knockout artist list

well as this list fell apart beyond all repair with paulie maliggnagi and kassim ouma winky wright all making the i though t make a new one

of all time
1.julian jackson
2.joe louis
3.mike tyson
4.carlos zarate
5.ernie shavers
6.rocky marciano
7.'sugar' ray robinson
8.gerrald mcClellan
9.joe frazier
10.bob foster

notible mentions :nigel benn superb puncher could knock you out with either hand would brak bones with his left hook and would rib your mouth guard in two with his right hand. but his knock outs were mostly when the man lunged

george foreman :and my reason why.just becuase he knocked people out didnt make him an artist it was a sloppy ko never a nice whap and out. i think the moorer changed that but apart form that he was too unpretty.

david tua: great left hooker but his right hand was pretty dorment for most fights and when he did luanch it, it was always a thing to change things up. where as joe frazier used his right hand as well tua just doesnt have the power in the left hook or the right hand to comit the top 10.
fair list or not

the philipino rankings
1.manny pacquiao
2.manny pacquiao
3.manny pacquiao
4.manny pacquiao
5.manny pacquiao
6.manny pacquiao
7.manny pacquiao
8.manny pacquiao
9.manny pacquiao
10.manny pacquiao
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