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Default Re: Fedor Interview

Q: What's your favorite food?
A: I eat everything - and there is a lot of good food out there.

Q: Do you follow a diet? What is it?
A: I don't have a diet. My only rule is that I try to eat less fatty food and avoid cakes and candy.

Q: Do you have any "surprises" that you have not utilized in your fights yet?
A: My coach thinks that I've shown only 50% of my capabilities.

Q: Do you usually have a game plan, at least for the first moments of the match?
A: I don't usually have a very defined plan, but I do have certain things sketched out.

Q: You missed a punch during the first seconds of your fight with Matt Lindland. Was it unexpected, or were you unable to react fast enough?
A: I saw that punch, but I misjudged the distance a bit.

Q: Do you think that your future opponents will try to use the same strategy against you: throw a quick punch without getting into a heavy exchange, use the momentum to push the fight to the ropes, and attempt to take the fight to the ground trying to gain the top position?
A: I'll take that mistake into account.

Q: Are you going to prepare to counter this strategy?
A: Of course.

Q: How would you rate the leglock you applied in your last fight?
A: I accomplished what I wanted.

Q: Are you planning to do leglocks more often?
A: I am working on my submissions, and I'd like to get them to be perfect.

Q: How was your vacation?
A: It was great, very relaxing. I loved going to the gym.

Q: Matt Lindland said in his interview that he'd like to have a rematch. Do you think he will be able to perform even better?
A: I'd like to have a rematch with Matt. He is a very interesting fighter.

Q: Fedor, when are you competing next?
A: At this point, I can tell you that I will definitely compete in the World Combat Sambo Championship in Czech Republic. I don't have an MMA contract at this moment.

Q: Who do you consider to be the most dangerous super-heavyweight in Pride and in the world, besides yourself?
A: My coach just walked in, and I think it's probably him. I am afraid of him more than anyone else. He can leave me without breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Q: If you could fight any fighter in the history of combat sports, who would it be?
A: I never thought about that.

Q: Would you like to fight in K-1?
A: We haven't received any offers from K-1.


A bit old but interesting none the less for those who haven't seen it.

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