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Default Western Europe and martial arts

Sorry if this rambling post doesn't make entire sense cause i'm just throwing this down here without thinking......

I've been thinking about western european (exclude Holland) fighters in MMA and been struggling to think of any top fighters.......Michael Bisping?.......hmm

When you think about it, with the exception of The Netherlands and their excellent kickboxers there is nothing in western Europe: Germany,France,Britain,Italy,Spain.......**** all fighters.
Why is this?

America has wrestling and boxing.
Brazil has its Brazillian jiu-jitsu and a large Muay Thai following down there.
Asia has Judo,Muay Thai,Tae kwon do (and a whole load of the whimsical bull****)
Russia and Eastern Europe has sambo, wrestling and now is performing well at boxing.

But western Europe really has nothing at all, what can we do to remedy this problem? is it because we don't have it traditionally built into our national mentality? or we don't involve any martial arts in schools. I know the US has a great high school and college wrestling system.....many Brazillians and Russian grow up with martial arts such as Bjj and sambo respectively.

Should governments spend money on helping the martial arts to flourish, should there be more state involvment to help bring kids get involved in it?

My question to any western europeans and British people especially is what would get martial arts to be bigger and make kids go into any of these sports to compete at a high level in MMA?
Also why do you think for such a massive population there is no talent from western europe coming through and competing at the world level?
Why is there no interest?
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