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Default Re: Western Europe and martial arts

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
Thanks for the historical knowledge.
I do know that (standup) wrestling was an integral part of the old bareknuckle london prize fighting rules.

It is sad that these martial arts have been neglected and almost forgotten by the population.

Even though those martial arts did exist, they are not ingrained into our culture quite like the Russians/Americans and Brazillians have martial arts ingrained into theirs.

I don't see much talent coming from Britain in quite a while. Although with the massive exposure of MMA from the UFC we might see good martial artists far quicker than if the UFC had not been brought to life.

Whats even funnier though is that with Greco-Roman wrestling, we hardly see any Greeks or Italians doing that sort of wrestling and competing.
Which is odd as that originated in those countries and that form of wrestling has been kept in the forefront of the wrestling world as opposed to the mostly extinct forms you already stated that came from Britain and Germany.
Greco-Roman is, ironically, French. It was only called Greco-Roman to make it sound a little more classical. It has no connection to ancient Greek pale wrestling.
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