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Default hopkins could win a major world title next if he wants..

you know something...based on last night...and i cant believe what i am about to say...a 43 year old could win a world title fight at light-heavyweight...bernard hopkins could beat antonio tarver and win that title...he beat him 2 years ago for a lesser 'alaphabet' title...but he, at 43 {again i cant believe i'm saying this} can beat tarver again to win a major world title {ibf light-heavy}...but the fight probably wouldnt make enough money to see it come off...again, its back to the money...

hopkins performance at 43 was an 'out of this world' WILL be a long time before someone of 43 performs at hopkins weight the way hopkins does..thats something that does not happen...i have no explaination of hopkins, he defies all logic..the legend could continue.. is offline  Top
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