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Default 21st July Predictions and Giddyness

ok...we are officially closer to this weekends cardiff show than last weekends O2 card, so we can stop discussing khan for 5 minutes and look forward to a couple of potentially great fights..

Alex Arthur Vs Koba

hopefully arthur will pull it off and win whatever vacant title is on offer (is it the full or interim now?), but koba's no bum and this fight should go the distance. this is probably AAA's last appearance on itv (unless he demeans himself by appearing on a khan undercard) so hopefully he'll put on a great performance and win in style.

Maccarinelli Vs Braithwaite

finally macca is fighting someone who at least used to be world class. don't know how much he has left and i'm guessing ****** thinks he's shot. anyway, i'm backing macca to rise to the occasion and get the stoppage win.

Mbaye Vs Rees

i'm not even sure if they are showing this on itv....maybe they'll show the highlights if one of the other two fights ends early. anyway, controversial wba title defense here, and unfortunately for rees i don't think theres going to be a rockyesque storyline. the little fella is going to get knocked out and perhaps even hurt, and then everyone will boo mbaye for being a big nasty man picking on someone 6 inches shorter.
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