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Default Re: How did Boytzov look?

Originally Posted by avk47
I used to want to when I was younger. I'm just doing a lot beter and have more abilities with other career options though, so I guess I'm just being realistic and going for what will earn me maximum rewards in the long run. I still like boxing though, and would like to get as good as I can as an amateur - I love the lifestyle. Amateur competition is on and off since I'm moving around all over the place right now. I've gotten quite a few fights last year though so stuff stepped up.

You know, if boxing is your main aim I would seriously try to get to a country where it is big - in Western Europe that would be Germany and England, and box out of an amateur club over there. You can get a license relatively quickly in UK, and although you can't box in national tournaments unless you've been there for a year, you can get some fights. Some place like Russia would be more difficult since you would need visas etc. and unless your national boxing federation supports you as an up-and-coming talent you would have difficulty getting into the good gyms over there. However, I know people from Holland who have gone for a month in summer to the Vityaz' gym in Chekhov (where Povetkin trains) having shown some potential.

Then once you have some more fights under your belt you can go back to Sweden and enter the nationals. Don't really know what the level of heavyweights and superheavyweights over there is... anyone good?
yes i know. it's been difficult competing in the sport of boxing here, but now it looks brighter and brighter since the scumbag politicians allowed profesional fighting again. my aim in the amateurs right now is to either win a big tournament or beat up two specific guys in my weightclass. one of them knows i want to fight him but he never told me yes or no. the other guy i have been reading about a few times in the newspapers, never met him but he's gonna have to face me soon because i've started to train at his gym recently. it's been difficult for me to train at a proper boxing gym with good trainers because i've been working so far away from stockholm this year. monday - friday i get up at 5am, sometimes do roadwork, then goes to work, comes home again about 4.30, goes to the gym at 5.30 and is back home again by 8 or 8.30 in the evening. hopefully im going to be stationed in stockholm again after my vaccation so i can train at the best gym again. all i want is to put these two guys to sleep and after that turn pro.
my fighting style and my best qualities are much better suited in a professional ring. i am levels above these guys in the physical strenght and punching power department. i jst want to beat them up and move on to bigger things. but my future in boxing looks much more bright now than before so thats great.
do you still live in Holland? are you into other sports aswell?
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