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Default Re: How did Boytzov look?

Originally Posted by Kolya
Very good, my Viking friend. Marcus told me he showed you my fight, was this the fight where I gave him the 3 8-counts? I was not in good enough condition for that-I had two fights after that, and both of those were questionable as well (I Lost). We think what it may be is my gloves don't have white knuckles and the judges have trouble scoring them. But I'm in much better shape now, and sparring a super heavyweight and someone who is going to the Olympic Trials for the USA, and my defense has improved a lot. I have a tournament in two weeks, and afte I win that I might have another national tournament in October. We'll see how well my skills are working when I win the Ringside tournament, if they're still not all there I might hold off on the tournament in October. How about you? Are you still Super Heavy, or are you at 91kg now? If you want to get amateur fights a bit more you should try coming to the US for a little bit.
yes, the guy recieved standing 8 counts and he looked stunned to me, my brother also think you got robbed of the decision. thats a shame but the most important thing is that you, yourself, know you won the fight. thats great that you get such good sparring and i wish you the best of luck in your upcoming tournament, i think you have the right attitude for winning, but buy yourself a pair of white knuckled gloves so you don't get snitched again.
i am also in great shape right now, im off from training for two weeks now though but i am honestly in the best shape i've ever been in right now. i just gets stronger and stronger and better, i've been working out like hell this year and last year, i am 91 kg now, i am much better at this weight, i actually punch much harder, faster and more precise now than i did when i was 95 or 96 kg, my stamina is better and im actually stronger and bigger physically now although im 5 kg lighter. i keep my weight at around 91 kg all the time now but i can't eat as much as i want. i feel very hungry for winning. i can fight 90 kg guys or 110 kg guys, it doesn't really matter to me.
are you going to record your fights at the upcoming tournament? if so i would love to watch them and see your development. what weightclass are you fighting in right now?
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