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Default Re: Was Khan even hit on the chin/jaw when he went down?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Achilles - I am REALLY not trying to be a pest.

I feel that if Limond were thrown around internationally, then he'd have anywhere from 10-12 losses against medium opposition and would have lost to gate keeper's like Miguel Huerta.

Huerta is considered a gate keeper/journeyman, but the guy has well rounded skills, power, chin and stamina and stays around... the same goes for tough nosed guys like Hernandes(whom KOed Litzau), Hernandez has a better jab than most contending British domestic fighters.

The difference is that these guys are thrown around to the wolves internationally, I feel also that both guys would have easily KOed Khan early and BOTH are at best gate keepers. Limond is slightly less than them in terms of all around capability in my opinion, even though he's not a journeyman for the British domestic scene.

See? I just gave two limited type fighters, both of whom have wracked up losses a lot of credit as GOOD fighters who've been around the block.

Miguel Huerta would have KOed Khan with a straight left hand as early as round 2, he has 10 losses, is considered a "journeyman" on the WORLD CIRCUIT.

Rooq talked about the difference between the domestic scene and the international circuit and it was a very good thread. I feel that you're giving your domestic guys way too much damn credit.
MAYBE so, at 135 I think Limond would be your typical 30-10 fighter but this is not embarrassing. I want you to think Jimmy Young, Emmanuel August or Ralph Tiger.

Let's drop and notch and think of your typical journeyman (though 30-10 still isn't journeyman), they always hurt fighters. Juan Diaz was put down by some random. He was put down twice in fact and was thought to have a weak chin - BOOM he takes Freitas shots.

Anyone who has seen Haye-Mock would think Hayes chin IS AWFUL. His world was ROCKED by a SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT! He improved his conditioning, paced himself better and got a defence then boom he has improved ten fold and is fighting for the title.

Don't ever say I give domestic guys too much credit. 95% of our fighters are ****. Ok, 90%, 5% turn into Hattons, Calzaghes etc and the others turn into European, WBO types in Cook, Arthur etc
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