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Default Re: GREEN crushes griffin tarvers next

Originally Posted by New Wind
I don't normally do this, but this one time I'll have to agree with hudson..

Arrrgh, that feels bad!

Otis Grant?
or Griffith, was it?
Griffin, right, sorry.. my bad..


I looked at his stats and the only name I recall having seen before is Brook Stodden, but that was because Rudy Markussen demolished him on the undercard of Gatti vs. Damgaard.
And Rudy really isn't very good, is he?

So.. I gotta go with Hudson..
Maybe Green needs a little more than a tomato can before calling out Tarver and Woods.

Briggs would be interesting, surely.

I really like the Green Machine, and hoped he would batter the Man, but really, Mundine showcased Danny's obvious short comings - like beyer in the rematch, btw..

Funny that Kessler has dominated both Mundine and Beyer isn't it?
And that Rudy Markussen, a stable mate of Kessler has declined fighting the VW on several occations, haha.. no wonder..
I think you've got a point there Windy. Green looked mega sharp last night, but TBH in the brief chance we got to see Griffen the American looked pretty limited. Apart from being fairly elusive he didn't seem to have too many options. He looked slow and his offensive ****nal lacked pop.

But Green looked devestating, as he has in his previous two fights since moving up so its hard not to get excited. He's gone back to utilizing his damaging jab and he picks his moments a lot more. His footwork and movement seemed vastly improved and reminded me a lot of your boyfriend Kessler. In in the last two fights the first instance in the fight where they've traded the other guy has been knocked off his feet.

Greeny is obviously going to struggle against guys with silky smooth skills and good counter punchers ala your Mundines etc but with his new found health and his power and jab he's going to impose his will on anyone but the slickest of the slick. But then it's a little hard to tell until he's matched with a LHW from the upper echelon. Bring on Tarver. Green KO 7.
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