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Default Re: good news anthony small is retiring why bother training at all? I mean if God wants him to win he will and if God has planned for him to lose he will lose.
Just turn up and see what happens, no point in watching videos, sparring etc, just let God handle it.

He can thank him the next time he loses and then thank him when he goes nowhere because he leaps in with his stupid Naz impression and falls around the ring off balance and wide open to counters. He can thank him for not telling him that he does not have Nazs power, reflexes or even speed and he can thank him for whatever else he wants.

I don't dislike Small, but his style is that of a kid who has watched a few fights and decided what sort of fighter he wants to be rather than fighting in a way that just comes naturally.
He could probably be a lot better if he just tried fighting like a normal boxer, but his obsession with imitating highly rare and legendary fighters means he will always get exposed by a decent level counter puncher or well rounded boxer with a dig.
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