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Default Re: nicky cook got taken apart

Originally Posted by Mark55
No problem pal, 52 years young now, but I train every day and don't feel (or look) anything like it.

I took some good advice some years ago from an old pro regarding personal maintenance and it works.

Your body is like a car, look after it, service it etc. and it'll run for years and years, abuse it and your ****ed.

My old fella is 73,in the gym every morning for his workout, doesn't smoke but likes a beer occasionally, had over 100 amateur bouts and you could count his losses on two hands, and is a fit,feisty ol ******.

I intend to maintain the same work ethic.
Hey, cheers for the honest post Mark, & your fitness advice is good. I should know, cos my fitness is shocking just now cos Im boozing & smoking all the time! Im planning to come off & hit an Atkins diet & fitness programme to get back in shape, but as I hve an addictive personality, its hard to give up the good things in life.
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