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Default Re: Why is Vitali Ducking Wlad?

Originally Posted by skier47
Dude, you are obviously a psychopath. You want to see two brothers
who have been close all their lives with their kind of power try to K.O.
each other and leave their mother heartbroken, no matter the gruesome result? You're probably the kind of lowlife, sleazebag who
attends illegal dog-fighting contests to watch two terrified and brutalized animals slaughter each other in a filthy pit to the amusement
of a few pot-belliied waste of skin and bones cretins like yourself.
The ancient Greeks were a very erudite and pragmatic people and very
socially advanced for their time. They considered suicide a very acceptible method of escaping misery. You might want to consider this
option. Oh, and on that note. They say that whenever you reincarnate you come back as something less. I guess this must be
your last time around, eh?
I agree! Couple years ago in one of the hockey games Kieth Primeau fought his brother Wayne and the younger one obliged but cried while punching his older brother back. This looked ****ed up and I bet that later they both felt like morons. And when I did some boxing when I was young I saw one brother broke the other brothers nose. They were both traumatized morally and quite shocked. So I guess only a heartless moron would like to watch this type of fight.
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