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Originally Posted by marauder1999
I will agree that pavlik is slower than others.
However, not being skilled in the art of boxing is totally false. Have you watched his other fights or was the Miranda Bout the first one like alot of other critics on here? There is a bad misconception on the way pavlik fights. People like yourself stating that he is not a skilled fighter because you watched him brawl with Miranda. You couldnt be farther from the truth and if these same critics would have watched his other fights they would know along with yourself that he is very skilled and highly accurate. He brawled Miranda because that was the game plan. His camp stated it months before the fight and thats what they did-and won convincigly doing it. Other fights he has been in-he played some defense-not the whole fight but he played the boxing match with them. Hes very disciplined and listens whole heartedly to what the plan of attack for that particualr fighter is. Thats what makes a good boxer. Being able to adapt to your opponent. Pavlik does that.
Now, if taylor wants to brawl-pavlik will brawl him. Taylor nuthuggers beware--Taylor does not punch harder than Miranda and we know the outcome of the miranda fight. If taylor wants to box him-Pavlik will box him. He throws very accurate jabs so if a chess match it is-then a chess match Taylor will have.
Bottom line-Pavlik adapts and plans a style of attack differently for every fight. Yes, he comes in and wants to knock you out but he does it in a fashion which is geared towards the fighter hes facing.

Some food for thought--when taylor fought Hopkins do you remember watching Taylor get on the ropes and take those shots? If he gets on the ropes again with pavlik, Im sorry, but Pavliks power will knock him silly. Dont believe me? Ask Miranda and the other 27 fighters hes knocked out. Sure, they arent all star power fighters but they werent all bums either.
Ive seen about 8 of his fights
Several more highlights of others

He is a Puncher-Boxer, I say that because he relies more on his power and strength than his boxing skills.

Miranda has a 0 skill level, he is just a straight up brawler.
Nothing Ive seen of Pavlik has shown me is a skillful and overly accurate on the elite level.
His best opposition have all been brawlers (Zeruche, Zuniga and Miranda) which compliments his style because he can match them for power and strength but out does them for skills.
All of his other oppostion has been extremely average and I bet even Miranda could look like PBF against them.

Im not sure what your benchmark for "very skilled" is but Kelly Pavlik falls far from it IMO. Defensive skills are one of the most important criteria in being "very skilled" and someone who gets as hit as much as Pavlik falls short of that.
As I said I like him, I certainly dont consider myself a critic of him. But that doesnt mean I cant be critical, all fighters have their weaknesess.
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