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Default Re: Was Khan even hit on the chin/jaw when he went down?

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
We were going to upload the full fight earlier toninght to let everbody see it, as it was great fight.

However, the awful things the Khan fans are saying about Limond in Youtube put us right off, & we decided not to bother.

Stuff like calling Limond a 'crackhead' etc... Do Khan fans know anything about boxing? limond is a proud family man & a self employed joiner who works long hours 6 days a week besides being a full time fighter to support his family, Limond is a credit to the sport of boxing. I dont mind Khan the fighter, but his fans are a pretty horrible bunch going by their fanatical screaming on Youtube.

****ers are all in screaming personal insults bout Willie, & deluding themselves that Khan was pushed & wasnt really knocked down

I would be lying if I said Khans mad nuthuggers havent got to me, cos they have.
That is youtube for you. I love that site, but I swear to God I have never seen a greater collection of ****s and sad pathetic ****ers than you get posting on the videos on youtube.

Any great song you see or live performance and there will be about half the comments saying it is utter **** and the same people will bother to then troll other videos of the same artist saying how they cant sing blah blah.

Any sports incident and there are *****s using racist insults or if it is a Brit then there are 5000 Americans calling it a ***got sport or how they would wipe the floor with Euros etc etc.

Check out other Khan vids and you see people calling him a "****" and so on...

I simply try to not read Youtube comments as it makes me want to bring in a secret police who track the writers down and shoot them.
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