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Default Re: Wladimir is a ****? I dont think so...

Originally Posted by dragosuhail
as in other threads i clearly state that im a fan of Wlad so obviously i realise i'd have bias in somethings i say about him BUT... one thing that really annoys me about his "critics" is how they blow everything out of proportion. it's like they literally go blind or halluncinate stuff.

here's my count of wladimir's clinches against peter. (i think peter is currently the most trickiest fighter for wladimir out there bar none. however i still believe wlad will win a rematch and more easily too!)

1 5
2 6
3 8
4 6
5 10 (panic mode here. stunned by rabbit punches but that's it.)
6 1
7 3
8 5
9 5
10 7 (understandable as he was legitimately knocked down)
11 5
12 1 (im not even sure wlad successfully clinched in this round)


my criteria for what i considered a clinch. wlad did a few lazy attempts where he'd put one hand on the back of peters head from distance but peter shrugged them off. they are NOT clinches. to me a successful clinch is where he ties peter up. also some were peters fault. he didn't want to stay in the danger zone so literally fell into wladimir's chest asking for a hug. also there were one or two i didn't add cause it was a grapple from both fighters and usually as the bell rang.

when you really take off the Hate Goggles, you'll see that it wasn''t in the 90 to 100 clinches range. that's just absurd. and even the haters admit that you are okay to clinch when stunned/hurt.

i predict in potential rematch the clinches will be down to about 40 in total before peter is ko'ed. he looked ****ed after the fight while wladimir looked just tired. and so much for bad stamina! klitschko was circling on the ***** of his feet in the 12th round like it was the 1st round! not to mention making peter to the hoola hoola dance with a flush shot when his supposedly bad stamina kicks in. the one good thing peter did all night was not allow wladiimr to rest. he applied pressure even tho it wasn't really effective and still wladimir didn't sit on the ropes or go all john huggy bear ruiz on him.

seriously the haters have got to stop it. if wladiimr was a geniune ****hole fair enough. i admit a fighter like anthony mundine has world class skills, but i wanna see him lose everytime out cause i dont like his personality. when he fought Kessler i was so happy the viking warrior one... and im an Aussie!

i guess the haters will be silenced at the end of wladimir's career. i mean, atm the latest complaint about wladimir is rather silly one. "wladimir is a boring fighter. a robot!" riiiight. first it was not willing to fight top level american fighters, then it was no chin. then no stamina, then afraid to avenge a loss, then limited to 1-2 combo. (funny his uppercut against lamon broke his jaw, and his triple left hook ko'ed ray austin without using the right hand ONCE. the same guy who argubly beat the current WBO champ!) and now.. it's wladimir is boring. the last one is funny cause it looks sooo much like straw clutching but in a lame half hearted way LOL!

oh and finally... another excuse for the irrational hate, is they say it's not wlad... it's his FANS! and why? more specifically cause some might say he'd beat ali, or is a top 10 ATG. well you know what? who cares? i might think some other fan's picks are head stratching worth, but i dont hate the fighter because of it! i mean damn, just humour them while wladimir is king of the world. no need to get an inferiority complex over something as trivial as a personal ATG list

enjoy him while he's around cause there's no garantee we wont see a new generation version of huggy bear ruiz!
I got nothing against Wlad but in my opinion 62 clinches is grounds for Disqualification. I didn't count but I think Ruiz clinched even more against Golota.
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