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Default The Meaning of Pound for Pound

I understand that if a boxer is considered the best pound for pound that he would be the best in any division at any time. If we could make Sugar Ray Robinson 6 foot 3 inches and make him 212 pounds he would be the best heavyweight of all times. The next best would be that boxer who would be best if we imagine Robinson never existed. Is this the way other people understand this idea?

I believe a lot of people think that Henry Armstrong is up there with Robinson. Do people believe that Armstrong's ability and style would make him the best in any weight division for all times if Robinson never existed? Thinking about it this way Roberto Duran would have to be up there because he would be a demon at any weight in his prime. I think that if you shrunk Muhammad Ali down to lightweight he would be up there. He was too quick and smart for most boxers.

There is another thread about who we could all agree on, but it doesn't answer the question about what pound for pound means so I started this thread. I want to know what those here think about the idea. Thanx.
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