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Default Re: The Meaning of Pound for Pound

The problem with shrinking fighters down, or blowing others up, and imagining that they were all the same size or fighting at all divisions and all times is that fighters of different sizes fight differently.

Ali's style worked tremendously against heavyweights but if you scale Ali down to lightweight it's very hard to say how well he'd have fared against some lightweight styles. We cant imagine him being as ridiculous fast relative to his opponents because there is a limit to how fast we can imagine a fighter being, and the laws of physics make it likely impossible to be that fast (as fighters like M.Taylor, Ali and Jones Jr have already stretched the bounds of reason with their quickness in their respective weight divisions). It's hard to gauge how powerful or not a scaled-down heavyweight would be, or how nimble a scaled up featherweight would be. The questions of power, chin, and style match-ups are difficult to answer if we imagine guys in impossible dimensions. I cannot imagine a bantamweight Sonny Liston, for example, and certainly cannot imagine how he would approach the styles present in the bantamweight division, or how his opposition would approach him.
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