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Default Please help... serious weight loss needed.

Hey fellas...

I'm looking for help because i seriously need to loose weight. forget looks, forget anything else, my health is at risk.

i am ashamed to say this, i really am but at 5'9 i weigh 293.

i weighed about 230 before which was still very heavy, but i didn't really feel uncomfortable. now i really feel the effects of the weight and it honestly scares me.

can you guys suggest a work out routine, considering how heavy I am currently and that some workouts because of my weight may be too difficult to perform at the time.

Also, what diets do you suggest?

I am thinking maybe I can go to bazooka's gym and get work out there, but i am not sure if it be a better idea to loose some of the weight first before going?

Thanks in advance, and i really can use the help.
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