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Default Re: Please help... serious weight loss needed.

You should start small and work up to going into a gym. Begin by cutting back on your calories. Basically, eat healthy. I think by this point everyone knows what eating healthy is so I won't go into that.

Begin by walking every day for at least a half hour-45 mins. Keep it as brisk as you can. Begin working up to jogging for a bit then walking until you can jog an entire mile. Then just keep adding on from there. Walk, jog, walk, jog up to two miles. Do you have access to an exercise bike? Maybe add in a good 20-30 minutes of that a day as well.

Just remember to set small goals to keep your motivation. If cutting back on junk food and soda and what not and walking every day is all you can do right now, then great. As long as you make it something you can stick with and move forward with you'll do fine.

Good luck and good for you for making the decision to change your health. I hope it works out for you.
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