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Default Re: Floyd's afraid? How do you figure?!

Originally Posted by Biggame
Key Words are "was supposed to be A top dog" not the top dog...RIF ok!! We knew there 3 ppl to talk about Floyd, Hatton, and Cotto. Niether of the latter would step in the ring w/Floyd!!

I don't remember seeing or reading anything about Winky deciding to take less money You shouldn't make **** up! Winky was making it very clear in his interviews so maybe he just told you and a few others!

BTW...get over the Margo situation. He brought nothing to the table except media & internet hype. He was then and just recently proved he was overrated. He never beat anyone of significants in 12+yrs at WW. He's a last minute sub, and always will be!!
winky did say he would take the smaller purse.

and margo might have not done much but what did bruseles do? margo offered hype and an easy 8 million dollars, and how did margo prove he is overreated? by losing to a better fighter?

when oscar de la hoya lost to mosley did that prove he was overrated?
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