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Default Re: Kahn Has a chin like George Chuvalo!

Originally Posted by Boro chris
But boxing is all about hype and exploitation,it is at its heart an entrepunurial (****ing hell my spelling is ****ing well awful!!) business, and Khan, whilst he may not hack it at the highest level is great drama and his china chin only emphasises that excitement. You could argue that he's good for boxing (if you want to sell it to the casual fan).

I take it that you and Zakman are of the left politically and can see how the hyper capitalisim of boxing makes your enjoyment seem a bit of a paradox.
Boxing is poorly run by crooks and has little or no regulation, it would be rather interesting to see what it would be like if a bunch of marxists were running the show.
Far left.

However, a new variant, I would want it run full of character and excitement, as well as million dollar compensation for the best of them(well earned), but I would have it with a central governing body that makes matches happen.

Also, promoter Germs are removed, as they are just parasites anyway.
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