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Default Re: Greater Resume: Lewis or Holmes?

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
If this was the first time i got in contact with boxing, you'd actually make me believe that the late 70's and early 80's were a great period in heavyweight boxing. Get real, it was a very weak period with titles changing hands all the time, fighters coming in out of shape all the time, the challegers being ducked by the champion, every single close fight being ducked by the champion, the champion dropping his title to avoid a challenger and being given an (at that time) meaningless belt instead, etc.

Nice numerical ways you apply to dodge comparisons between actually beaten competition. Yeah, impressive that Holmes took away the undefeatedness of a a handful of 10 round pups. Wow, and nice that he had 20 consecutive title defenses...... against mostly undeserving challengers while ducking the dangerous fights (rematches & deserving challengers).


The mid 90's through 2003, was certainly the golden age of the division with John Ruiz, Chris Byrd, James Toney, an aging Holyfield, a shot Tyson, Larry Donald, Hasim Rahman, Corrie Sanders and countless others. What's even better Chris, is that Lewis wasn't even capable of beating the best fighters of this period, losing to Mccall and Rahman, while drawing with a shot Holyfield, and getting a way with a close decision against a faded Mercer.

While the late 70's and early 80's was definately a weak period in the division's history, it was nothing like the 10 year time frame between 1994 and 2004. At one point, you had past prime middleweights like Roy Jones and James Toney winning belts for Christ's sake!!! Is this what you call a division worth unifying??? In Holmes day, the concept of having 3 titles was relatively new, and what's more, the idea of having one man holding them all was even more unusual. Holmes held the IBF title from 1983 to 1985. During that period, you had the WBC and WBA belts change hands between 6 men in just over two years. None of them could hold onto a title long enough to build momentum for a unification. Also, while Shavers, ****ey, Norton, Frank, Witherspoon, Boncrusher, and some of Holmes other challengers may not have been stellar per say, they were at least at a reasonable age, and had respectable records. Once again, Holmes also DEFEATED all of his oppnents when in his prime. Lewis couldn't even beat every man on his top list...
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