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Default Re: Will weight training be used less as time goes on?

Originally Posted by cross_trainer
I'd say yes. Weight training in the MMA context (along with plyometrics and various other non-stamina training aids) takes time away from skill development. Normally, this would not be much of a problem--in most combat sports, your technique can only get refined up to a point. In MMA, though, there are so many dimensions that well-roundedness, a plethora of different skills, and experience are paramount. Every second would have to be devoted to learning and practicing those skills. Fedor is an excellent example, though he still does chinups and pounds the occasional tire.

I speak on behalf of boxing. Your game is always being refined and there never really is enough time. The same is true of MMA.

Pro athletes have to some how find time.

Generally in MMA someone is very good at one thing and just good in other areas.
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