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Default Re: Why Dont Brits get Respect?

Originally Posted by TKO
Hmmm.. hardly that. It was a boring fight with little action from either side. Witter did little and Corley next to nothing. Witter won, no question about it. I think what he meant was that Witter was lucky to be facing Corley (who had lost 3 of his last 6 and got stopped by an unknown in his next bout) for a version of the "world" title.
He made Lightweight In his last fight maybe he was weight drained. Corley was nominated by the WBC so who could Witter of fought? Witter can't turn down these opportunities like Hatton.

Cotto had a contriversial fight with Corley too while Witter won easy. Some were making out Witter would be troubled by Corley too.
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