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Default Re: how far away?

gym i want to go to:
16 miles away
3-5 trainers with either a **** load of amateur fights or had pro fights
lots of pros come in such as rubin willams,k9,steve forbes
monday-sat 3-9
from what i say there trainers paid fairly great attention and worked good with the fighters
they had alot of fighters that were around 16-22 and have fighters from 132-heavyweight that train there.
30 bucks a month
please share your thoughts and id like to know how far do you guys go to get to your gym? and how far is too far for a gym?[/quote]

sixteen miles doesnt seem too bad. boxing gym in my town is twenty mintes away but is getting closed down.
i drive to the next town about 10 miles away. not a real problem if you have a car.
also that one your thinking about going to seems much better. seems you would learn more training with trainers like that.
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