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Default Re: Willie Limond was Definately Robbed

Originally Posted by AllyT
It was Khan who won because of a mistake.

The 8 count was not an error it is in the rules and is COMPUSLARY!!!!

If Khan and his team did not know the rules then the blame for that lies with them and no one else. Had the referee correctly stopped the bout, Khan would no doubt have cried foul as he was unsure of the rules. However all that would prove was, that he and his team were so arrogant they did not bother to consider a KD, in which case they deserved to lose.

The referee’s first mistake was not to stop the bout when Khan drops during the count. The picture you find amusing, clearly shows at after the stipulated ten seconds Khan obviously has no idea whether it is New Year or New York. This is the referee’s second mistake. When Khan finally rises he is still in a state of confusion. By allowing him to continue the referee made his third mistake. The fact that Khan went on to win makes no difference, as the referee has to officiate in the moment and not with hindsight. Although this worked for Khan on the day it could have gone badly wrong. The reason for this is, allowing an already concussed boxer to continue places him at severe risk of 'secondary concussion'.

Secondary concussion is far more dangerous than any initial brain injury and is a major cause of dementia in contact sports. Despite what you may think, the referee failed to protect the boxer. If Khan is allowed to continue with his current reckless style and is sheltered from his mistakes by home town decisions he will in my view end up punch drunk.

From Khans point of view I believe that it would have been better for him in the long term if the result had gone the other way. The lad desperately needs a reality check, and this should have been it. By protecting him from a legitimate KO they only reinforce his delusions of invincibility. The example I would give is Alex Arthur, I have watched most of his fights and am a fan, I was there to support him against Willie Limond and I saw him defeated by Gomez. Gomez was the best thing that ever happened to Arthur. He gave him a much needed reality check and as a consequence Arthur is now a better boxer and a better man.

Rules are there to ensure fair play, if they are not properly observed the sport ceases to be fair and therefore ceases to be a true sport. There are more and more rivals to boxing springing up. If they are deemed by the public to be more even handed, fans will drift away from boxing as the predictability of results makes it look like the 21st century version of WWF. My concerns here are not for Limond as that is now a done deal, but if there is enough stink raised about bad decisions it might just help the next victim.
I already said that Khan was down for 9 or 10 seconds. I said this before you started all your bally hoo.

The ref and Khan made a mistake. Get over it. In reality Khan was fit to continue. Stop wanting Limond to win because of a mistake.
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