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Default Re: Did the exile hurt Ali's legacy or did it help it?

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Ali would've probably been seen stronger head-to-head but weaker resume-wise. Although it wasn't planned, going away for three years built up his opponents and gave his legacy a tremendous boost. Louis should've taken notes, but then he did go to war and retired rather quickly after.

I agree.

Let's keep in mind, also, that if Ali did fight and defeat Frazier in 1968/1969, the win wouldn't count for much. It probably wouldn't of even been the "FOTC", really, if Frazier was just another contender, albeit a good one.

And since Frazier wouldn't be as highly regarded, Foreman wouldn't have been a "future ATG". He would've been a crude, hard-punching but limited Olympic champ.

The layoff helped his resume because he came back and beat most of the better guys anyway.
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