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Default Re: Willie Limond was Definately Robbed

To the Willie warmers:

Thanks for supporting (and understanding) my argument but this is now flogging a dead horse.

Rushed judgements are notoriously stubborn. This is where many of the 'Bermuda Triangle' type stories come from. Pilots see a land mark which they miss-identify, leading them to fly in the wrong direction. No matter how much evidence is presented to them after this initial judgement they will not change their minds. This is why their last words before disappearing over the horizon are often along the lines of "There is some kind of magnetic field" or "the instruments are not working". Their compass, radar, and other instruments are in fact working fine but they will not accept anything that contradicts their initial view. So, off they fly into the sunset never to be seen again. We can shout over the radio all we like but it is futile. All that will come back is

"Smoke me a Kipper".

To the Khan can's:

Should someone who understands these rules a lot better than I do (say an ex ref) shed new light I may have to change my opinion but until then my view is settled. I have tried to present my argument as best I can. Some will agree some will not. I have now said all I think I can and have no more ability, information or argument to persuade anyone that is not already persuaded. We will just have to agree to disagree.

"Smoke me a Kipper".

No matter what your opinion hopefully some fans have more insight into the rules of the game.
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