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Default Re: What Fighter's Downfall Saddened You The Most?

It's funny, i couldn't stand Larry Holmes for years but warmed to him a little in the last stages of his first career. By the time the Spinks rematch came around i found myself cheering the ****** on like crazy, and then he got ripped. After that i also felt pretty sorry for the guy because in numerous earlier interviews i have of him he always mentioned his fear was in fighting on like Ali when the skill was gone. He was deadset never going to do it, and then he does for longer than Ali himself EVER did. I found that very sad, but the saving grace is he never got seriously hurt and sure has his faculties intact today.

Apart from that obviously Hearns for me, i rode out the wobbly storms with him when he was obviously far decayed and feared for him at times like the SRL rematch and Hill fights.
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