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Default Re: What Fighter's Downfall Saddened You The Most?

Originally Posted by brownpimp88
So what if he beat Duran and Hearns, which smaller weight fighter is even gonna bother Spinks. I remember spinks calling out Hagler in a KO Magazine back in 82 or 81, funny how Hagler didnt accept the offer.
If there was a smaller fighter good enough, why wouldn't they trouble him? You don't think if there was a Roy Jones or James Toney around during the time they wouldn't have troubled him? Maybe Hagler wouldn't. He never moved up so we wouldn't know.

Spinks was also successfull as a heavyweight, whether he lost the 2nd holmes fight or not. At least he beat him and ****ey, when did Hagler beat a light-heavyweight?
Maybe if Spinks was quite past his prime and couldn't punch to knock him out, Hagler might have been enticed to take Spinks on too.

I dont think anyone is going to debate that Spinks's light-heavyweight fighters were better than the middleweights hagler was beating.
I wouldn't debate it.

I value beating a prime p4p ranked fighter like Qawi, over an old duran and a blown up Hearns. Beating a great fighter from your own weight class is alot harder than beating someone 13 pounds north of thier best weight.
Yeah it was a better win (but by a point on my card). That said, Hagler was a lot more convincing in his best wins imo, even though they may not have been as good at the weight class.

Larry Holmes was also a p4p fighter when Spinks beat him, past his prime or not, he was ranked p4p, which is what matters.
Hearns was p4p too, as was Leonard after their fight, and as was Antoufermo as well. It's not as if Hagler didn't face p4p guys.
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