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Default Re: What Fighter's Downfall Saddened You The Most?

Originally Posted by selfkill
Which is precisely why Spinks could have never reached those heights. There's more to a fighter than skill, they have to have the determination, heart, and courage to go with it and unfortunately for Michael, he was scared going into his fight with Tyson. Ali and Liston was an exact replica of the same situation, but whereas Ali was able to overcome his fear, Michael Spinks just froze and got knocked out. Spinks had the skillset to be better than he ended up being, but he lacked courage.

The most saddening downfall of a fighter for me is Muhammad Ali. Watching somebody of his ability and importance to the sport go out on his shield was both humbling and sad.

The downfall of Barrera wasn't all that bad because he was competitive with Juan Manuel Marquez, and just proved that he could survive against the younger and hungrier Manny Pacquiao. I hope he stays retired, but if he doesn't, I'll support him through thick and thin.

Sugar Ray Leonard's downfall was awful. Some uneducated fool said earlier that he wasn't shot when he lost to both Norris and Camacho, but anybody who's seen Leonard's fights with Benitez, Hearns, and Hagler know that was not the Sugar Man. He would made short work of both Camacho and Norris had it been 10 years earlier, so to watch him get knocked out by Camacho, who wasn't a big puncher, was terrible.

Joe Louis getting knocked out cold by Marciano was bad, as was Mike Tyson's loss to Mcbride. Can you imagine what Tyson would have done to that guy in '88? Would have been a massacre.

.............Rooster doesn't actually believe that Leonard was in his prime, he just says a lot of stuff here merely to get a rise out of folks. It works. He must sit at his keyboard and laugh for hours.

All in all though........I actually like that he's here, and I'm not being sarcastic. He can be a fun read when you're in the mood for that kind of thing. It's just that people here seem to take him SOOOOO seriously.
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