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Default Advice needed. URGENT!

Anyhow guys i am in this lil situation and feel uneasy and i would need to hear some advice definately. This trainer who works with a friend of mine had been wanting to meet with me for a long time for what i hear. So i finally told my friend to give this guy my number. So i talked with this guy twice and he wants me to go have a workout with him and some other pro trainer. I told him i already had a trainer and won't sell him out but the guy just keeps on at it with words. I don't even know the guy only talked to him twice and he has been asking **** load of questions about my goals, education, trainer, etc. I would consider going to the workout but i don't want to get myself caught up in some ****. The guy is talking about championships going pro etc but at this point in time i'm still an amatuer boxing the guy is taking this **** to fast talking about setting up a team. I told him i already have a trainer and its all good then he says we can all work together. But i don't know how that will go with my current trainer who is also my friend and taught me from day one. Like i can do what i want but i aint gonna sell out my current trainer. So what should i do should i go to the workout tomorrow morning at 12:30 or tell him straight up i'm not interested. A part of me is curious but at the same time i don't want to get entrapped in anything.
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