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Default Is Enzo Calzaghe this years Ferddy Roach

Having watched tonight’s card I feel I have had an epiphany.

I believe that the biggest factor in the ultimate success if a boxer is his coach. I work with a guy (Jack Graham). He is not educated, he is not the most articulate guy you will ever meet, but he is diligent, dedicated and totally focused. If a clever guy understands a concept by reading it once Jack simply reads it three times. The first time I met him I knew he was the real deal. In the future you will know the name Fundo Mhura, no matter what anyone else might tell you other than Fundo himself, the man responsible for his development is Jack Graham. Having looked at Jack I believe understand what is required of a coach.

The key to dominating a sport is to first of all understand and emulate the current received wisdom and then find an edge. Something that is the next evolutionary step forward. It might be the beer goggles but I think form watching tonight’s card that Enzo Calzaghe is a Genius. He has found the next evolutionary step.

I would love Jack Graham to speak with Enzo Calzaghi.

If you are a young pro who has real ambition “Go west young man”
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