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Default Re: What Fighter's Downfall Saddened You The Most?

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Coetzee was possibly peak ability wise when Page beat him, and coming off his finest victory ever. Prior to the Dokes fight he had hired Jackie McCoy who made a very significant difference to his confidence as well as helping him find his left hand again and fight with more purpose and plan. Page had a very powerful right hand and it was a punishing weapon when he was in shape. In this fight Coetzee took plenty of big right hands and was knocked out brutally at the end. We can blame the Page KO for Coetzee's thereafter chin troubles. It's actually a quite brutal fight. Both men take some huge artillery.
I have seen it before, John Tate being another example...Roy Jones another...all of a sudden guys that could take a decent punch fold badly after....Page caught Coetzee with a Brutal righthand but Gerrie was another guy like Jerry Quarry when he was younger and stronger he did not have the skills from a good trainer, when he got the trainer the body went...That was Pages best proformance, he was in shape...Coetzee did nothing after that fight, he was KO'd by Bruno in 1...I dont know what happened after the Dokes fight...His solid chin just went or his body just went...overnight
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