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Default Re: What Fighter's Downfall Saddened You The Most?

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
I have seen it before, John Tate being another example...Roy Jones another...all of a sudden guys that could take a decent punch fold badly after....Page caught Coetzee with a Brutal righthand but Gerrie was another guy like Jerry Quarry when he was younger and stronger he did not have the skills from a good trainer, when he got the trainer the body went...That was Pages best proformance, he was in shape...Coetzee did nothing after that fight, he was KO'd by Bruno in 1...I dont know what happened after the Dokes fight...His solid chin just went or his body just went...overnight
Page knocked out Coetzee on his merits Bummy. Watch it again, it's a gruelling fight. How many right hands did you count Page bounced off his chin? BIG right hands too. It's not as if Gerrie's chin went walking to the ring vs Page, remember Weaver had stopped Coetzee earlier and it was not as if he could not be beaten this way. Page's right hands on the night were comparable to Weaver's big shots, both were very hard punchers when they set for it. I've rarely seen Page sit down on his punches as much as vs Gerrie. Janks Morton said it was their plan, to the surprise of most. Gerrie was quite beaten down by the time of the stoppage, which of course came long after the round was supposed to have been concluded.
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