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Default Re: dont want to take the gloss off.

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I've said all along that if Braithwaite has anything left, he blows this **** out, which he damn well would have. I said it's a 50/50 affair on several occassions, but the 50/50 element is what Wayne has left.

My prediction was fine, I was being realistic to the event.

And how ironic, you just don't like anyone putting realistic heat on one of your national fighters whom seemingly look good. Maybe if you'll stop overrating some of them, and don't get me wrong, Britain is a great boxing nation with many good fighters, but maybe if you get realistic on some of the jokers*, you'll go back to being an effective ****yst in these scenerio's instead of just going with the flow of **** that boxing fans tend to go everytime something good happens for a fighter.
Well, Wayne did have alot left and lost.

I don't like realism? Don't talk ****. I'm one of, if not the, most honest poster on this board. I don't know how to not tell it like it is.

It was me who was saying pre fight that Enzo is a world champ who is proven on the world stage. It is me who was saying Haye is going to get sparked by a world class operator unless he changes his ways. It is me who said Khans intangiables were not proven and I THINK could be suspect.

I tell it like it is, don't throw me into the same fanboy/fanatic that you and others are.
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