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Default Re: Congrats to Macarinelli, but Mbaye-Rees stunk of a fix to me...

Originally Posted by The taff
Totally agree with the above, it was no fix. Mbaye did a similar thing in has last fight, just he was even worse in this one. I think REES should get a bit of credit, he won fair and square.
i do give rees credit, even though something looks a little dodgy. the fellas done well. first 12 rounder, first fight at lww and now he's the WBA champion of that division.

he did what he had to do with the fighter in front of him...its not his fault if anyone else had a different agenda and if mbaye wasn't coming to win.

but does anyone seriously think he would be able to compete with a real lightwelterweight out there? i don't just mean witter or hatton, but even the top domestic lww's like lynes or bami?

we'll see who he faces in his first couple of disrespect to Rees, but i do smell an overlaying plot here.
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