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Default Re: Congrats to Macarinelli, but Mbaye-Rees stunk of a fix to me...

Originally Posted by Max Molyneux
He may win, but he's not that underrated.

He lost clearly to Witter and lost and drew to M'Baye.

His power may win him the belt but he's very slow.
We will have to agree to differ on that Max, not sure he is that slow but can see where you are coming from, he is for me a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes thinks too much and looks to land quality shots whilst not taking much risk, not the most exciting I agree but fairly effective at times and would certainly be against Rees.

Thought the Witter fight was a lot closer than yourself and actually agreed with the two judges who gave it just by the one round to Witter if memory serves, although he did lose that fight as you correctly say.

Thought he won the second M'Baye fight, did not see the first one.

Be very interesting to see what ***** and Gavin do for there first defence, I am going for M'Baye on Nov 3rd Calzaghe bill if they can pay Kotelnik enough to stop him demanding the match, but could his team perhaps argue a mandatory as first defence is a bit much.

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