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Default Re: Canvas Classics Schedule

Dude, I could fill a few pages of **** with whats been going down here. All that matters is that I can look at myself in the mirror and have no regrets or secrets (Ohh, so mysterious!) while others will always have to justify themselves keeps me ok.

I'm drunk, a little bitter, but I know I'm right.

I work in WA, longhole drill, 8/6 roster.

If you know any jobs along those lines I'm interested. Can get 2/1 but like my current roster cos I get to see my twin daughters more. The argument I got today was I'd get more money, my counter was I'd see my girls

Have enough time underground to get another job but really getting sick of this high school bull**** that seems to be at every site.

BTW, the shift boss who dropped me in the **** for something I didn't do has form. I'm hoping I get see the turnaround one day, as he's due. $550 a shift to $350 a shift, what would you do?

Home tomorrow night, just wanna hug my girls, watch the boxing on Fox and drink some bourbon.
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