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Default Re: Being overwhelmed

Originally Posted by iksrtfo
I was sparring to the body last night. I was going against a guy who was 30 lbs more than me.He kept just firing punches and not really boxing.
He would just attack and there was no time to counter punch because he did not stop throwing punches. I stood there and blocked about 90% of them but was being overwhelmed. Before I got gased I would stay busy and hit him with an over hand right in the shoulder that would knock him back. This was keeping him at bay. What should I do when he attacks like that? Block and move out? Then wait till he gases?
Every time a guy punches he is open. It is a risk versus reward scenario so we have to punch. If a guy is overwhelming you, you have to time those openings.

I suggest watching Floyd Mayweather versus Jesus Chavez. Floyd maintained something like a 40 to 50 percent clip while reducing Chavez to landing 10 percent!

A good defence to fend off the offensive attack and well placed shots to score for yourself.

Punchoutput is matched and even surpassed by workrate!
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