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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Hagler appeared to me to be one of the hardest men I've seen in boxing, I don't think anyone shakes him.
Firs up, i'm not suggesting Hagler is anything other than one of the hardest that's ever seen the ring; nor am I suggesting he is weak mentally (the opposite if anything). But I do think Leonard got under his skin and had him asking himself questions. I also feel that Duran unsettled him a bit.

These guys work on a higher plane of physical communication. I've always felt that Hopkins, with his time inside, has an even better understanding of these coded messages. He's got a better handle on eye-contact (basically a challenge inside) and how to control those confrontations (he's never been faced down or unerved that i've seen). I don't think Hagler would like the sense of being "edged out" psychologically, specifically because he was not used to it. It is my opinion, and i have very little in the way of proof, he suffered something similair v Duran (a blown up lightweight, lest we forget).

Hopkins is a hard man as well, but I think Hagler is simply more skilled a boxer, from all areas, although inside it would be close as Hopkins has his tricks and tactics. It would be close.
I think Hagler is more skilled too; i'm looking at his ring generalship plus a totally hypothetical psychological edge to eke out a tight UD.

But what it boils down to, Sweet Pea, is little more than, "i ze something".

But i'd be laying money, actually.
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