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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by pjo479
lol ok son ill take your advice lol i never said he was one dimensional dummy learn how to read
Uh... In not so many words, you did:

But there is one major difference in styles that differentiates them... versatility.
Hopkins was too fast, equally strong, and had MANY MANY more options then Hagler.
Marvelous Marvin Hagler was a great fighter, but a fighter that relied on 3 things, conditioning, will, and physical strength.
It was his goal to press a fight for 15 full rounds until whoever it was that was in front of him was gone.
Even though he outboxed half his opponents? Bennie Briscoe, Willie ******, Vito Antuofermo, Mustafa Hamsho, Tony Sibson... Need I go on?

You make various other references to Hagler's limited skill set throughout your post, or how Hopkins' is much better all-round. This is simply not true, and anyone who knows a prime Hagler will almost definitely agree.

Another major flaw with your argument; you allow Hopkins some slack with regards to him being past prime against Eastman or whoever, yet you are unforgiving of Hagler - he was well past his prime against Leonard. He was on the slide against Hearns, believe it or not. Take it from me, I own every filmed fight of Hagler's and have watched each one three, perhaps four times - his peak ended in '83.
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