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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Here it is. The reasons I have for placing Marvelous Marvin Hagler ahead of even Ray Robinson, Carlos Monzon, and Harry Greb in the all-time rankings at middleweight.
1: Consistency. Hagler started his career with a 26-fight unbeaten streak. After dropping two of three fights (to Bobby "Boogaloo" Watts and Willie "the Worm" Monroe, both close, both in Philly), Marvin went 37 more fights without a loss. In other words, for 14 years, 67 fights, you could bet that Marvin Hagler was showing up to fight, to win, and over 90 percent of the time he was going to get it done. Check his winning percentages against the other guys. If Hagler had fought as many times as Robinson, he'd have lost about 10 fights. Sugar Ray lost 19. When Robinson was off, against Turpin, Basilio, Fullmer: he lost. When Hagler was off, he was robbed in a controversial draw against Antuofermo, or had to rally to pull out the win over a resurgent Duran. And we won't mention the poor strategy that turned what should have been a late TKO win over Leonard into a split decision loss.
2: The tools. How many other fighters have had the physical package that Hagler did? He ranks near the top of the middleweight heap in nearly every category of skill and talent. Who had a better chin? Maybe LaMotta? But even the bull was stopped by Robinson. Who was stronger? Greb has a case, but it's hard to see even the Human Windmill pushing Hagler around. There've been harder hitters, but then, beyond a certain point punching power becomes extraneous. Hagler had enough to close the show against top fighters. Speed? So Hagler was a hair behind Robinson and Leonard. So was everybody else. He maximized his speed with a deceptive reach (ask Tommy Hearns) and superb timing. What about the now-underrated boxing skills? Starting with the second Hamsho fight, Hagler built a reputation as a stalking, menacing bomber. But prior to that, Hagler was often regarded as a 'cutie', controlling pace and distance, counterpunching, and tricking opponents into setting themselves up. And when it comes to footwork, there's more to it than Leonard doing laps around the ring edge. Hagler was a master of positioning and keeping opponents where he wanted them. Too bad he forgot he was so good at it for the first half of the Leonard fight.
3: Simple. He wanted to be the best, so he was. What a concept. Actually, it goes a little deeper. He wanted to be the best, so he put in the work he had to to get it done. Hagler was never even a little out of shape, he was never unprepared for an opponent, he never half-assed it in the ring. The Duran fight, one that always draws a lot of criticism, was a result of Duran pulling a surprise style change. The first Antuofermo bout was a first matchup with a tough, awkward opponent. And Sugar Ray, well, Marvin let his head get a little in the way of that one.

I never said he wasnt great or lacked skills just think Hopkins has the style to beat him ..... just an opinion dont attack me on it
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