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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

When some of you guys are picking Hagler, I think I know some of what you're seeing. You are picturing the older Hopkins not being able to match Hagler's pace, nor output. Hopkins is 42 years old now. Ten years older than when Hagler faced Leonard. 8 years, if you take some peoples claim that Marvin was 2 years older than is on record. Hopkins was 37 when he faced Trinidad. That's 5 years younger than Hagler was in the Leonard fight, 3 in Hagler years.

Saying a prime Bernard could not match his pace is not accurate. Bernard was able to be very physical over the course of a fight, and I don't doubt his ability to go 15 rounds. Hopkins would have a significant size advantage, good mobility, good defense, a great chin, and great stamina. Hopkins would be the best fighter, at middleweight, that Hagler ever faced. You can argue Leonard, Hearns, or Duran at their respective weights before meeting Hagler, or in a pound for pound way.

I think that Bernard's defense, movement, and one-two are too much for Hagler to overcome. Hopkins by decision.
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