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Default Would Tyrone Everett have been great if he didn't die?

We'll never know for sure, obviously, but let's assume he fights the following:

Samuel Serrano 1978
Alexis Arguello 1978
Bobby Chacon 1979
Ruben Castillo 1979
Rafael Limon 1980
Rolando Navarette 1980
Cornelius Boza Edwards 1981

Where does he stand say, by 1982? Would he be great if he took on all those fighters?

Frankly, I favour him over all the fighters mentioned there, with the possible exception of Arguello. I'm not sure how good Everett's jaw was, but if he can take Arguello's punch he's 90% on the way to winning their fight because I struggle to see Arguello winning more rounds.


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