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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
I don'ty see how Leonard dancing and moving around faster than Hopkins ever could against a faded Hagler is an indication of how Hopkins wins. Hagler was more versatile to me, and stronger. Hagler was a great boxer on the inside and outside. Watch more prime Hagler, not the brawler of the Leonard and Hearns fights. He actually reminded me somewhat of a MW version of Duran. Very versatile and skilled everywhere in the ring, from accuracy and putting his punches together, to banging on the inside, to his southpaw jab, etc.
I've always felt the same way about Hagler and Duran. I'm 44 and when I first started watching boxing it was Duran and Hagler that hooked me. Either one of them were amazing to watch and I remember thinking that nothing short of death was going to stop Hagler in that Hearns fight. It was amazing. Having said all that, I do think a prime Hagler beats a prime Hopkins based on skill and determination, but it wouldn't be a huge upset if Hop won. Unfortunately when fighters like Hagler or Duran retire they become legends, myths even, and of course when you compare a modern day fight to a legend or a myth, they're going to fall short. In this case I do think Hop falls short, but not by much..
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