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Default Re: Why Dont Brits get Respect?

Originally Posted by unitas
the champs mentioned do get respect, but like all top fighters they are viewed by the highest standards. and thats why not all views on them are completely positive.

but calzaghe is viewed as a guy who refuses to fight the best. that seemed to change with his fight with lacy........but since then he has gone back to fighting nobodies again.

kahn gets tons up hype........but most people no longer buys it cause he fights only guys who cant punch.
that has become so obvious just about everyone thinks something is wrong with his chin. and his fight with super feather willie limond wont change that.

haye is viewed as just another banger with a chin of china....and that may be the truth. he has no future at heavy. and at cruiser no one really views him as the man to beat a guy like mormeck.

duddy is fun to watch, but his fight with ancient yory boy campas showed his limitations.
so whats to get excited about?? can he beat abraham or taylor?? next to no one thinks so.
there are better prospects like pavlik and asikainen.

macca is basically as one of the biggest jokes in boxing!!!! holds a decent belt......but never fought a world class fighter in his life!!! then he fights perhaps the worst challenger one could think of in bobby gunn.........a guy straight off the carnival circuit.
this guy gets no respect..........and for a good reason:He deserves none.

froch on the other hand gets more respect abroad than in britain. in german boxing mags he is ranked number four in the world......right behind the champs and ahead of a guy like bute!!! thats some respect. in britain i guess he is hated cause he is so arrogant, but one needs to distinguish between personality and actual talent. the latter of which he has enough.

"amazing alex" arthur is another of the guys who got a lot of hype without actually doing something. sure he holds a euro belt, but that doesn´t make him a threat to the top guns of the devision.
and most (myself included) view him as overprotected. after all, he is in his prime now. if you want people to get excited about him, let him tangle with a top gun. go for either pacman, marquez, valero or guzman. or at least say humberto soto and rocky suarez.
but who is he fighting??? koba gogolatze. so why should he get the respect that others fighters get, fighters that are willing to go down the hard road??

so this is basically the problem all european boxers face, the perception of overprotection:
that european fighters get manufunctured up the ratings, fight for a bogus belt (in arthurs case the vacant WBO belt) against suspect figthers. then they defend the belt against undeserving challengers.........and start calling out the top names. but when push comes to shove they have no intention of actually fighting anybody.
examples: felix sturm, sergej dzinziruk, stipe drews.
How is Arthur 'overprotected'? Take a look at his record, to win the european title he had to fight Boris Sinitzen, who was no mug & had a long reign. Hes since defended the euro title, & has now given it up in search of a world title fight. If & when he beats Gogoladze, he will be the interim champ, & when Guzman finally gives up the belt cos hes a fat waster who cant make the weight Alex will get his hands on it, & then come the big fights, all before he is 30.

As for the WBO belt being bogus? Thats an obsolete opinion. HBO now class it as one of the 'big 4' so get used to it pal, the WBO is as good as any of the rest of the titles now. Just look at their list of champions, its no bum title. Time to move out of the dark ages.
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