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Default Re: Why Dont Brits get Respect?

Originally Posted by sandwichsurgeon
Enzo is undefendable, Hatton has shown immense courage in the ring no matter what you think of his matchmaking this is undeniable, Calzaghe is dissapointing but the signs look promising and i think he will retire with some respect although not nearly as much as he could have done, Haye will get far on his offensive capabilities but how far is questionable, Woods has shown improvement but his limits are clear for all to see and Witter's new nickname should be "the bull****ter".

Thats about it of the current crop, the rest aren't quite there yet but we'll see.
how can you say Witter is a bull****ter? Witter has became a world champ the hard way, hes the real deal in my eyes.
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